July 17/18 Flood Working Groups: Groundbreaking work from around the world and a peek at EOTEC’s updated flood tools tracker

Learn about interesting new work on getting flood forecasts to decision-makers in Nigeria; early action on flood warning in Peru, and improved integration of flood modeling in Europe. These are the topics of spotlight features for the upcoming regional meetings of EOTEC’s floods working groups. 

The meetings will also feature a sneak peek at the updated version of EOTEC’s flood tools tracker, along with exchange and knowledge sharing on upcoming capacity building opportunities and other resources.

Please come prepared to share a bit of information on what you are doing and how EOTEC’s community of practice might support your work! 

Meeting schedule:

  • Africa region –  July 17 (13:00-14:15 UTC)
  • Americas region – July 17 (16:00-17:15 UTC)
  • Asia-Oceania region – July 18 (04:00-05:15 UTC) **Note: now meeting on MS Teams**
  • Europe region – July 18 (13:00-13:15 UTC)

If joining the CoP conversation for the first time, please visit this page to register – you will then receive a calendar invite with the teleconference link.

Why attend?

  • Network: Engage with regional and global flood experts
  • Identify resources: Discover new tools, data, and training resources
  • Foster capacity building: Help identify and address gaps in regional and global Earth Observation capacity
  • Collaborate: Connect with potential partners for projects and initiatives.

Please be part of our community and help improve the reach of Earth Observation capacity building around the globe!

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