2024 Kickoff: EOTEC DevNet’s Flood Working Group Highlights

We’re thrilled to share highlights from the EOTEC DevNet’s Community of Practice (CoP) regional flood working groups’ meetings that kicked off 2024. A big thank you to the over 80 attendees who brought vibrant discussions and innovative ideas on collaboration!

Spotlight Presentations and Key Insights

  • WMO’s digital transformation of national meteorological/hydrological services in Africa (Video, Slides).
  • Insights from the use of EO data during Pakistan’s 2023 floods. Video, Slides, Quick Guide to the NOAA VIIRS/ABS Flood Product, Data).
  • Introduction of OPENCoastS’s on-demand forecasting services for water (Video, Slides).

Important Links and Meeting Notes

We’re committed to fostering collaboration among Earth Observation (EO) capacity builders. Let’s continue to grow and strengthen our community together!

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