EOTEC Presents to Copernicus Networks

EOTEC DevNet was introduced at the May Copernicus Networks Videoconference. Thank you to the Copernicus Support Office for this great opportunity to promote global collaboration in Earth observation capacity building!

Key takeaways of the presentation:

  • The objective of the Earth Observation Training, Education, and Capacity Development (EOTEC DevNet) is to fill a gap in the coordination of capacity building efforts related to the use and application of EO in fostering sustainable development.
  • EOTEC DevNet seeks to fill gaps, leverage resources, and reduce duplication of efforts.
  • It works through four Regional Communities of Practice (Africa, Americas, Asia-Oceania, and Europe) and Global structures.
  • An example of EOTEC DevNet product is a tool tracking capacity-building resources for flooding, a searchable database with available tools for flood monitoring and associated training materials including use cases.
  • Join our Communities of Practice to support efforts to make the satellite-derived Earth information more accessible and increase its use in decision-making, help set capacity building priorities in the regions, co-create products, add your tools, use cases, training resources, or join to find new collaboration partners. 

You can find the presentation here.

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