March 2024 Task Team Meetings

March meetings unite global CB providers to share training calendars and best practices

The March 20/21 meetings of EOTEC’s regional Community of Practice task teams will feature a unique spotlight session aimed at identifying synergies among training providers on their 2024 activities.

Representatives of several EO training providers will highlight their 2024 training plans, followed by a roundtable discussion on best practices. This will include questions about their strategic approaches to choosing training topics, maximizing participating and other best practices. 

The sessions will vary from region to region. Confirmed speakers include: the China Meteorological Administration’s Training Centre, COMET MetED, EO Africa R+D Facility, EO College, European Space Agency, the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, NASA ARSET, and SELPER.

Need a calendar invitation?  Visit this page to register – you will then receive the invite with a teleconference link.

Meeting Schedule:

  • Africa region – March 20 (13:00-14:15 UTC)
  • Americas region – March 20 (16:00-17:15 UTC)
  • Asia-Oceania region – March 21 (04:00-05:15 UTC)
  • Europe region – March 21 (14:00-15:15 UTC)

Why Should You Attend?

  • Networking: Engage with regional and global experts in Earth Observation.
  • Resource Identification: Discover new tools, data, and training resources.
  • Capacity Building: Contribute to identifying and addressing gaps in regional and global Earth Observation capacity.
  • Collaboration: Connect with potential partners for projects and initiatives.

We look forward to your participation and contributions to these vital discussions that shape the future of Earth Observation capacity building.

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