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The GEO Knowledge Hub (GKH) is a central cloud-based digital library providing access to Earth Observation (EO) Applications developed by the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Work Programme Activities. The GKH It is part of the GEOSS Infrastructure and helps the GEO to advance Open Knowledge.

GEO Knowledge Hub is available at

The scope of the GKH is to promote the replicability and re-usability of EO Applications by sharing with the end users, all the Knowledge Resources essential to fully understand and re-use them.

Inside the GKH, users will find EO Applications organized in Knowledge Packages (KP). A KP is composed by Knowledge Resources. This way, users are able to share their applications with all the resources used to compose it.

The GKH offers you a place where you can make your solution visible and available to the rest of the world, in an Open Knowledge approach! To ensure long term discoverability of your work, you will be able to assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) and maintain it up to date with version management functionalities.

GEOGLAM resource to guide the design, implementation and evaluation of capacity development activities and interventions

Capacity development is integral to empowering transformations across any development sphere, helping individuals, organizations and communities derive valuable and sustained impacts through the co-creation of information for decision making.

The GEO Global Agricultural Monitoring (GEOGLAM) community has, for the last decade, co-developed products and services aimed at leveraging Earth observations (EO) to provide evidence-based information for agricultural markets and food security around the world. Over time, and in developing and delivering these global, regional and national products and services, the need to develop and strengthen institutional capacities for using EO science and data to inform policy, decisions and actions around agriculture and food security has increasingly become apparent and can no longer be taken for granted.

As a response to this need, the community has developed a hands-on resource to guide the design, implementation and evaluation of capacity development activities and interventions. The guidance is an example of on-going capacity development efforts, led and conducted by the GEOGLAM community worldwide. It provides practical tools to conduct and scale-up capacity development interventions, based on the experiences and lessons from the community. You may access the guide HERE and learn more about on the GEO website.

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May 3, 2024
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