November 7, 2022

Workshop in satellite data processing with emphasis on desert dust

The aim of this course is to teach about the meteorological satellite data and products that are disseminated via EUMETCAST, namely how to manipulate these data and to create new products. Through practical exercises course participants will: 1) understand the different data levels and formats; 2) learn to inspect the contents of the files and how to handle level 1b data; 3) select a given Area Of Interest; 6) reproject the data; 7) display the data; 8) learn to create a workflow that produces RGB composites from the single image files received via EUMETCAST.

In the second part of the course, participants will continue the hands on data exploration with a focus on Dust events, with an in-depth insight in the principles of Dust observation and forecasting.

Data exploitation and manipulation will be done using python scripting language, supported by Jupyter notebooks.

This course is organized by la Direction Générale de la Météorologie (DGM), with the contribution from Météo France and WMO Barcelona Dust Regional Centre and supported by EUMETSAT. The target audience are meteorologists working in African Meteorological Services that have already knowledge about the basics of remote sensing.

Location: Casablanca, Morocco (Africa)
Host: Direction Générale de la Météorologie (DGM)
Type: Classroom Course
Language: fr