August 2, 2021

WMO Online Course for Spanish Speaking Trainers

The goal of this online course is to prepare participants to design training that utilizes a variety of (a) delivery modes, including online and classroom learning;
(b) learning solutions, including formal and informal learning; (c) learning strategies; and (d) learning activities. The course will focus especially on examples of how these are utilized in the online environment. A premise of the course is that training is enriched by blending, and that using a single delivery mode, such as a fully online course, can be the most effective solution when it blends the other components. After participating in this online course, participants will have enhanced their skills for planning and offering online, blended, or classroom courses in their content areas of responsibility for their client communities. The knowledge and skills gained will contribute to the development of the competencies identified in the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Competency Requirements for Education and Training Providers for Meteorological, Hydrological and Climate Services, as approved by EC-65, and as described in the 2019 revision to WMO Technical Regulations, Volume 1 – General Meteorological Standards and Recommended Practices, (WMO-No. 49).

Location: Online Course
Host: WMO Regional Training Centre in Argentina
Type: Online Course
Language: es