September 30, 2024

WMO Marine Services Course for Spanish-speaking Member States of WMO Regional Associations III and IV – Phase-II

Phase II of the WMO Marine Services Course will have a blended format: Online from 30 September to 25 October 2024, followed by a face-to-face training to be held in the Buenos Aires, Argentina from 4 to 8 November 2024. For the online component, participants will be requested to complete prerequisite modules (online) in preparation for the face-to-face workshop. Overall, Phase II will provide an opportunity for participants to: (1) Review their Analysis (from Phase I) and share progress made towards improving services. (2) Participate in forecasting skills workshops. (3) Practice effective customer-centric communications. (4) Enhance understanding of WMO initiatives related to Marine Services, including impact-based forecasting (IBF) and marine emergency response (MER); (5) Expand networking opportunities in the marine services community.

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina (Americas)
Host: WMO Regional Training Centre in Argentina, Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN)
Type: Blended Course
Language: es