March 6, 2023

Weather Observations

The objective of this course is to prepare people to be part of a work team that develops tasks in the area of meteorological observations in general and aeronautical meteorological observations specifically according to the corresponding competencies defined by the WMO. It is based on the skills developed for: Meteorological Observations, Meteorological Instruments, Aeronautical Meteorological Observers.
Given the great diversity of meteorological and atmospheric observations, a limited variety of them is presented in this course, with greater depth in the surface observations of synoptic and aeronautical stations, but other types of observations are also included so that the participant has a broader view.

Given the relevance of meteorological observations and their implication in the improvement of services, the responsibility of knowing and respecting the OMM standards, the ability to adapt to technological changes and new work methodologies, and the development of a critical attitude are promoted.

Once the online course have been successfuly completed, the participants must receive training in the workplace to meet the requirements of specific functions, a task carried out by each NMHS.

Location: Online Course
Host: RTC-SMN Argentina
Type: Online Course
Language: es