March 21, 2024

Using the European Weather Cloud to download data from the EUMETSAT Data Access Services

The European Weather Cloud (EWC) teams at ECMWF and EUMETSAT are pleased to invite you to the first thematic EWC webinar of 2024, following two successful introductory webinars held last year.

These recurring thematic webinars are aimed at new or prospective users of the EWC service, provided by EUMETSAT and ECMWF, which is available to all ECMWF and EUMETSAT Member and Co-operating States. Our primary objective is to provide guidance to users on how to effectively use the different capabilities of the EWC.

While the first two webinars in 2023 focused on the basics to get you started (you can find more information, including the video recordings, here and here), in this webinar participants will explore various aspects of cloud utilization, with a specific emphasis on key functionalities such as provisioning and configuring virtual machines. Furthermore, we will explore how to access the EUMETSAT data catalogue made available through the Data Access Services, more precisely, using the EUMETSAT Data Access Client. Additionally, we will show the utilization of the pre-installed application, Data Tailor, which offers customization options, enabling users to tailor datasets according to their requirements and preferences.

By the end of this 1-hour session, participants will not only have gained valuable insights into the operational dynamics of the EWC, but will also possess the practical skills needed to navigate the EUMETSAT Data Access Services.

Location: Online Course
Type: Online Course
Language: en