March 25, 2021

Using Brinkerhoff’s Success Case Method to evaluate the impact of training

Time: 13:00 UTC

The WMO Education and Training Office is currently embarking on evaluating the impact of a training project on which they recently collaborated, for which they will be using Brinkerhoff’s Success Case Method (SCM). Within the frame of this study, they organized this 90-minute webinar, where the foundations of the Success Case Method of evaluation will be presented by Dr. Daniela Schröter, from the Brinkerhoff Evaluation Institute.

As a brief insight into this method of evaluation, SCM is framed in a way to facilitate the discovery and documentation of real-world examples of success. This helps to credibly portray how trainees have used new learning to achieve organizational value, and at the same time, pinpoint the critical systemic factors that can make-or-break impact.

This 90-min webinar will show how the SCM works and can be leveraged for positive results with training initiatives. Information on how to join this webinar is included below.
Please join them on the webinar to learn more about this evaluation method.

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Meeting ID: 988 3963 3651

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