July 8, 2020

Tropical Waves and TUTT Induced Perturbations – 15:00 UTC

The session is for WMO regions III (South America) and IV (Central America/Caribbean) and useful for other Regions. This is a two part training seminar, with the first part on June 24 at 15 UTC covering theoretical aspects and characteristics of the Tropical Waves and TUTT induced perturbations in the easterly trades. The second part is scheduled on June 25 at 15 UTC, and we will engage you to apply the information from the first day in practical exercises. The sessions will open 15 minutes earlier (at 14:45 UTC for those who want to check their microphone and voice connection). GoToWebinar is used for both images and voice through the Internet.

Location: Online Course
Host: NOAA/WPC International Desk
Type: Online Course
Contact: michel.davison@noaa.gov
Language: es