August 7, 2023

Trevor Platt Science Foundation Symposium 2023 webinar series and training course

The [**Trevor Platt Science Foundation (TPSF)**]( was launched in Aug 2021 to promote capacity building, research, and education in ocean sciences, with a strong emphasis on international networking, to nurture the next generation of young scientists and give them the tools they need to succeed in their chosen careers. As part of its 2023 activities, TPSF and partners are organising a scientific symposium on ‘Satellite-based tools for investigating aquatic ecosystems’. This symposium will be preceded by a [**training course**]( with both online and in-person components, both of which will feature contributions and support from EUMETSAT. Please see below for more details on each component;

#### Webinar series:

The online training component will feature a [**webinar series**]( dedicated to a subset of the main symposium themes, including: remote sensing of ocean colour, water quality and human health, primary production, climate change, physiology and ecology of marine phytoplankton and practical aspects of working with satellite data. The series is open to all. Please see below for details on how to register. EUMETSAT will be contributing to the sessions on data repositories an access (webinar #3).

#### In person training:

***Applications for the in person training session are closed.***

In person training will focus on giving participants the the opportunity to learn state-of-the-art techniques in data processing, optical modelling and machine learning. EUMETSAT trainers will provide tools and tutorials for working with products from their Copernicus marine products portfolio, with a particular focus on Sentinel-3 OLCI. These tools will be exploited to help participants access and visualise marine remote sensing products in ways that are directly relevant to their own applications of interest.

Location: Plymouth, United Kingdom (Europe)
Host: Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Type: Conference
Language: en