July 18, 2016

Third IOCCG Summer Lecture Series 2016

The emphasis of the course will be on current critical issues in ocean colour science, and will consist of lectures by specialists as well as a few hands-on practical sessions. Lectures will cover the following topics:
Inherent Optical Properties (inversion and applications in coastal and open ocean waters);
Errors and uncertainties in ocean colour remote sensing (emphasis on inverse modelling);
Radiative transfer in the ocean: shallow water remote sensing and HydroLight training;
Atmospheric correction of ocean colour remote sensing observations;
Advanced ocean colour remote sensing products for ocean carbon cycle and biogeochemistry;
Optics from autonomous platforms: linking IOPs to biogeochemistry and remotely sensed ocean colour (including hands-on exercises);
Phytoplankton variability and climate change;
Retrieving phytoplankton biomass and functional groups;
In situ measurements;
Ocean colour remote sensing in turbid coastal waters;
Optics of marine particles (phytoplankton, minerogenic particles, colloids, bubbles).

Location: (Europe)
Type: Classroom Course
Contact: copernicus.training@eumetsat.int
Language: en