Third International Operational Satellite Oceanography Symposium (OSOS-3): Short course on operational processing of EUMETSAT Copernicus marine products.

Building upon the foundation set during the first symposium gathering in June 2019, and second virtual meeting in May 2021, the Third International Operational Satellite Oceanography Symposium (OSOS-3) will involve community members from all levels of the observation-to-information value chain, to determine mission requirements and priorities, demonstrate the use of satellite data in coupled numerical models and emphasise socio-economic benefits from Earth Observation. As part of OSOS-3, the host organisations (EUMETSAT, [NOAA]( and [KHOA]( are offering a series of training sessions, each dedicated to their own activities and product portfolios. These training sessions will be held in person at the [conference venue]( on the 16 June 2023, between 09:00 and 17:00 Korean Standard Time.

The EUMETSAT component of this training will introduce our marine products, including those from the Copernicus programme, presenting a bank of tools and methods for working with data in an operational capacity. These approaches will cover routine data access, batch processing and validation of ocean colour products. Trainers will provide guidance on the use and adaptation of these tools, in which they are experts, as well as advice on expanding their use to suit the participants needs.

Due to the limitations on space at the venue, we are limited to 45 participants. We encourage you to apply as early as possible. For more information, please see the links below.