November 20, 2023

The Senior Management and Operation Course on Tropical Cyclone Monitoring and Forecasting

The course employs a range of instructional methods, including lectures, group discussions, participants’ forums and field trips. Participants are also invited to make presentations on their national TC monitoring and forecasting.

Participants are required to:
1.Attend all sessions of the training program. Any absences must be justified and communicated to the organizing unit.
2.Submit a slide presentation pertaining to tropical cyclone operations. Collaboration among participants from the same country or region is encouraged.
3.Write a summary report of at least 800 words, reflecting their understanding of the course content and providing relevant suggestions.
4.Actively engage in each class.

The applicants are requested to submit the scanned Application Form with PR’s signature and seal to the contact persons via email no later than 23 October 2023. Applicants should submit their completed application forms and copies of their passports (compulsory) to the China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (WMO RTC-BJ) and the ETR Office of World Meteorological Organization ( Please contact for the Application Form.

Successful applicants will receive an Admission Notice and an Invitation Letter for the training course via email. Remember to bring them when you attend the training course.

The course will be taught by the experts from the CMA.

Fees and Funding:
1.Tuition-fees are waived for the participants.
2.Financial support is provided for the participants from developing countries, covering accommodation, meals, and local insurance during the course.
3.International travel expenses are covered by the participants. 30 participants from 30 least developed countries and developing countries can receive the financial assistance of international travel expenses through formal application, i.e. PR of the applicants addressing to PR of the China with WMO for this matter. Since the number is limited to 30, the financial assistance of international travel expenses will be granted based on the chronological order of the applications with priority to LDCs.

Location: Guangzhou, China (Africa, Americas, Asia & Oceania, Europe)
Host: CMA Guangdong Meteorological Service and CMA Training Centre (WMO RTC Beijing)
Type: Classroom Course
Language: en