October 19, 2020

The plans for an early warning centre at KNMI

In October Eumetcal will start with short webinars of about 1 hour. The webinars are open to all interested participants.
Webinars can be found at eumetcal.eu. Here participants can find information about the content and format of the sessions, and they can already register their interest in the webinars. The webinars will also be recorded for the possibility to listen afterwards.

The first webinar will be on Monday 19 October at 09 UTC / 11 AM CEST:
“The plans for an early warning centre at KNMI” – Rob Groenland; Meteorologist, trainer, Climate adviser at KNMI

KNMI is the leading institute for meteorology, climatology, and seismology in the Netherlands. By 2025 a multi¬hazard Early Warning Centre (EWC) will be effective, based at KNMI, i.e. a national warning centre, producing high – quality warnings, scenarios and advices.

During the 2020¬-2025 period KNMI will be developing this EWC, which will provide advices and warnings in the areas of meteorology, climatology, and seismology and related geophysical domains with products fully geared to the needs of customers and the general public. To achieve this aim KNMI will be reviewing production methods and IT infrastructures and updating observation infrastructures including remote sensing.
A substantial component of the EWC plan is the way in which KNMI aims to communicate with stakeholders on services and how internal (second and third-line) work processes are organised. Customers and the provider will come together at the EWC, which will revolve around impact and action strategy.

In this Eumetcal webinar I will show you examples of the process we started. Most important goal is to inspire you in new thoughts and discussions which may give you ideas for your own work environment/organization!

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Online Weather Discussion
Host: Eumetcal
Type: Online Weather Discussion
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