The International Distance Training Course on The Basic Principles of Satellite Remote-sensing

The course is aimed to help freshmen in satellite meteorology to understand the concept of satellite remote-sensing, to enhance their basic knowledge in the interpretation of meteorological satellite data, and to improve their skills in simple weather analysis and environmental monitoring. Trainees will be expected to improve their capabilities of data acquisition and assimilation, their ability to utilize the satellite monitoring system, as well as their proficiency in satellite remote-sensing application.

Officials, specialist, forecasters engaged in satellite meteorology, or who wish to engage in related fields at National Hydrological and Meteorological Services or equivalent institutions. In order to improve the training quality and better satisfy your training demands, there will be two paths for enrolling:
1) Certificate-path candidates are requested to submit the completed Application Forms to CMATC no later than 19 May 2021. The accepted applicants will receive the admission notices with Certificate-path Enroll Key endorsed by CMATC.
2) Open-path candidates could create their own account at Open-path Enrollment Key: Cmatc2021