May 30, 2022

Supporting Marine Earth Observation Educators Workshop

The purpose of this training workshop is to share knowledge, skills, resources and training techniques so that attendees are able to independently train others on available Earth Observation (EO) data and tools. During the course, participants will work with others to create their own (learning) artefacts. This is an interactive knowledge exchange workshop, not a technical training event.

Aims and objectives:
* To support marine and earth observation educators in their training activities, by sharing Copernicus Marine data resources and exchanging experience of different learning approaches.
* To foster a community of marine EO educators who can collaborate in future.
* To co-create learning artefacts that can used in participants own training activities and more broadly by the Earth observation community.

* Ben Loveday (EUMETSAT/Innoflair UG)
* Aida Alvera-Azcárate (EUMETSAT/GHER University of Liege)
* Ana Ruescas (EUMETSAT/Brockmann Consult GmbH/University of Valencia)
* Hayley Evers-King (EUMETSAT)
* Fabrice Messal (CMEMS/Mercator Ocean)
* Greg Reed (IOC/IODE)

Location: Online Course
Host: IOC/IODE/OTGA & EUMETSAT & Mercator International
Type: Online Course
Language: en