January 22, 2024

Short Term Refresher Course on “Cyber Security”

The Information Communication and Instrumentation Training Centre (ICITC), RTC New Delhi is offering a refresher training programme to the departmental / extra departmental personnel working as scientist / meteorological technicians/operators. It will be five working days short-term training course starting from 22.01.2024, which will be helpful to the professionals to improve their skills as well as refresh the subject. The schedule of the training programme will be sent to the official well in advance. The mode of the training programme is online only. The subjects taught are broadly “Cyber Security” like Basic Principles of Confidentiality, Integrity Availability Concept Policies, Cloud Computing, Networking basics, Wireless Access Points, DBMS Basics and methods, Web Application Security, XSS, SQL, SSL, CAPTCHA, Cyber Risk, Risk Management, types of Information Security, Cyber security organizations in India, their uses and significance along with trouble shooting and calibration techniques. For more information and instructions on how to apply for this course, please contact icitrg.centre@imd.gov.in

Location: Online Course
Type: Online Course
Contact: samanti.sarkar@imd.gov.in
Language: en