February 26, 2024

Satellite Application Course for African users

The objective of the satellite applications training courses is to optimise the use of data from meteorological satellites and to increase the knowledge and skills of operational meteorologists, contributing to improve forecasting.

This course in English language is the classroom continuation of the online satellite courses delivered in partnership with African Centres of Excellence in 2020-2023. A mandatory requirement to take this classroom course is to have successfully completed one of these recent online courses.

Respective Permanent Representatives (PR) with WMO will be informed about eligible participants within their country meeting the mandatory requirements, out of which they can propose one or maximum two candidates. PRs are further kindly requested to ensure that the right candidates are nominated for the courses, and subsequently deployed so that they are able to apply their competences from the courses.

Application deadline is 10 January 2024.

Location: Nairobi, Kenya (Africa)
Host: Institute for Meteorological Training and Research
Type: Classroom Course
Contact: imtr.wmo.rtc.nairobi@gmail.com
Language: en