May 6, 2024

RA-I Basic Satellite Imagery Interpretation Course

The online course on Basic Satellite Imagery Interpretation will take place 6-24 May 2024. It is offered both in English and French language, by the ASMET instructors from DGM Morocco, EAMAC Niger, EUMETSAT, IMTR Kenya and SAWS South Africa. This course helps you to improve skills in using basic, generally available satellite imagery for identifying various weather and surface features in Africa. The course is suitable for all forecasters in Africa, both early career operational forecasters and more experienced meteorologists.

The course will consist of live sessions with discussions and weather briefings, with the focus on basic interpretation of satellite images used in weather rooms. We will also explore the new Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) satellite products, which are becoming operational in the forecasting offices. The participants should reserve minimum 4 hours each week for going through the learning resources, attending the live meetings and completing assignments. We will use the COMET MetEd Basic Satellite Imagery Interpretation Lesson to guide us through the basic use of satellite images.

A successful completion of this course will make you better prepared for advanced level online and residence courses offered by the African training centres and EUMETSAT.

Applications are open till Friday 26 April 2024. Please apply to the online course by completing an online questionnaire.

Location: Online Course
Host: ASMET – African Satellite Meteorology Education and Training
Type: Online Course
Language: en