January 9, 2023

Operational Training Course (OTC)

The operational training course (OTC) is designed to fulfil the needs of the professionalism in the science of meteorology and related geo-sciences. The Aim of this Course to equip trainees with knowledge, skills and attitudes that would enable them perform duties as professional Meteorologists.

The course is intended for degree holders in Meteorology. Individuals pursuing this course should have the following minimum requirements.
1. Fluency in English Language (oral and written).
2. BSc. degree in Meteorology, or any other equivalent qualification from a recognized university.
For more information about the course and instructions to apply, please email Walter Nganyi at imtr.wmo.rtc.nairobi@gmail.com

Location: Nairobi, Kenya (Africa)
Host: Institute for Meteorological Training and Research (IMTR)
Type: Classroom Course
Contact: imtr.wmo.rtc.nairobi@gmail.com
Language: en