December 4, 2018

National Training Course – Introduction to Meteorology for Meteorological Technicians (WMO- MT)

This course, 36 hours long, comes from agreements of the WMO-RTC in Italy, run by the Institute of Biometeorology (CNR-IBIMET), with LaMMA Consortium which has been entrusted with the course organization on the basis of an agreement between Tuscany and Umbria Regions.
The objective of the course is to improve Umbria Region Civil Protection personnel understanding of meteorological phenomena, to be aware of occurring events and more capable to react in emergency. The course fits the needs for both Functional Centre (CF) and Operation Room (SOUR) operators.
The course combines theory and practical training to provide staff with a basic knowledge of atmospheric phenomena and processes and the practical skills required to apply this knowledge.

Location: Foligno (PG), Italy (Europe)
Host: Regional center of Civil Protection (CRPC)
Type: Classroom Course
Language: ot