June 1, 2021

NASA Earth Observations for Energy Management

June 1, 8, 15, 22, 2021

Energy impacts everything we do, from providing basic services such as cooking and cleaning to providing development opportunities and improving overall quality of life. However, energy management, through energy production, transmission, and distribution, is impacted by environmental and climate conditions, including weather patterns or extremes and climate change. Energy providers are turning to cleaner and renewable energy sources, as well as assessing and implementing actions to make their energy management activities more resilient to environmental hazards. Decision-makers need to better understand where energy resources exist and how they are impacted by physical environmental conditions, weather, and climate. 

This training will offer participants an introduction to how NASA EOs can contribute to a greater understanding of energy management applications. The course will summarize priorities and challenges for energy management and how various NASA EOs can support decision-making. Attendees will gain familiarity with a broad set of relevant NASA datasets, tools, platforms, and resources, as well as hear about case studies and real-world applications related to climate resilience, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. 

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Host: NASA Applied Sciences