May 23, 2024

MeteoSwiss warning system

The Swiss Federal Institute of Meteorology and Climatology, MeteoSwiss, plays a critical role in safeguarding the Swiss population and infrastructure through its weather warning system. Following the devastating impact of Storm Lothar in December 1999, MeteoSwiss has continuously enhanced its warning capabilities, currently encompassing 7 weather phenomena across 159 warning regions.

In this presentation, we will delve into the specificities of the current MeteoSwiss warning system, elucidating our strategic approach to warnings and our collaborative efforts with federal institutes and regional authorities. Furthermore, we will offer insights on how forecasters navigate various warning scenarios through compelling case studies. Lastly, we will provide a glimpse into the future with an overview of automatic warning propositions designed to distill information from our regional ensemble model, enhancing the efficacy and efficiency of our warning dissemination efforts.

Location: Online Course
Type: Online Course
Language: en