Meteorological Simulators for forecasters – Series of online short courses

Meteorological simulators are widely used in meteorological training. In a simulator exercise you can live through a meteorological event time step by time step in the simulator environment. Going through the event stepwise alongside important decision-making and customer communication tasks is a great way to learn about the case. For meteorological trainers, using simulators offers a way to assess the skills of trainees in forecasting in an authentic way.

In this introductory session, you will learn about the meteorological simulator application recently developed for EUMETSAT. In the session we will demonstrate some basic features in creating a meteorological simulator: choosing the case, defining the objectives of the exercise, getting the data, and finally organizing the material in the simulator creator and publishing it.

We will later organize a follow-up session where you will have the opportunity to work with the SIM creator and take the first steps in organizing your data into the simulator. The date for this follow-up session will be announced later.

Attending this course and using the simulator creator will not require programming skills.

This course is part of the spring 2022 edition of EUMETSAT series of online short courses on data discovery for weather, oceanography, air quality and climate.