July 20, 2014

Joint COSPAR and WMO Capacity Building Workshop on Satellite remote sensing, water cycle and climate

The objective of the present CBW is to provide the participants with basic knowledge on satellite remote sensing, satellites, satellite instruments, data bases and formats, data access, processing software, methods of processing and analysis of satellite data. From the wide spectrum of satellite remote sensing applications we will focus on water resources and water cycle on the globe. This will include examination of the ocean/sea/lake/river levels, ice and snow cover, vegetation, soil moisture, atmospheric state, and ecosystems in different parts of the world. The CBW will show how satellite remote sensing data may be used for investigation of global and regional climate change and its consequences.
The deadline for application is 15 April 2014.

Location: (Europe)
Host: Tver State University
Type: Classroom Course
Contact: Kostianoy@gmail.com
Language: en