March 30, 2021

Introductory Webinar: Introduction to Population Grids and their Integration with Remote Sensing Data for Sustainable Development and Disaster Management (Session A)

Population distribution data are essential for planning and decision-making in regions faced by crisis or conflict. They are also useful for monitoring progress towards the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Decision-makers need to know where people are located, what conditions they are facing, what infrastructure is available, and what basic services they can access. We also need to ensure that no one is left off the map in pursuit of the SDGs or in response to disasters.

This training will focus on the different global population grids and their application to a range of topics related to development planning and monitoring of the SDGs (e.g., environment, hazards, and access to resources). Attendees will learn about the latest data and methods used to produce global grids, how the grids incorporate remote sensing inputs, and how population grids can be used in conjunction with other types of data.

Location: Online Course
Type: Online Course
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