October 22, 2023

International workshop on flash floods

The IMS/WMO RTC Bet Dagan of the Israel Meteorological Service, in cooperation with Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation (Mashav), has provided training at a post-graduate level since 1967. Several thousands of participants from all over the world, mainly from developing countries, have taken advantage of the opportunities provided by our RTC to study the application of meteorology to various aspects of economic activity.

Flash floods are among the world’s deadliest natural hazards. Each year, flooding causes more deaths than any other hazard related to thunderstorms and have severe social, economic and environmental impacts. Flash floods account for approximately 85% of all floods and have the highest mortality rate among all categories of flooding. Flash floods are sudden and short, with a time frame of less than six hours between the observable causative event and the flood itself, which tends to have a high peak discharge. Flash floods have enough power to change the course of rivers, bury houses in mud, and sweep away or destroy whatever stands in their path. They are complex hydrometeorological events that are hard to predict. Therefore, preparing for them requires expertise in hydrology and meteorology combined with knowledge of local conditions.
This workshop aims to give participants with theoretical knowledge and practical tools to predict flash floods, issue early warnings, and collaborate between meteorologists, Hydrologists, and other related emergency personnel.

The workshop’s curriculum will include a combination of classroom lectures, exercises, demonstrations, field trips and round-table discussions.

Location: Bet Dagan, Shefayim, Israel (Africa, Americas, Asia & Oceania, Europe)
Host: IMS and MASHAV
Type: Workshop
Contact: levl@ims.gov.il
Language: en