June 17, 2024

International Summer School on Applications with the Newest Multi-spectral Environmental Satellites

The objective of the Summer School is an in depth explanation of methods and techniques used to extract information from environmental satellite data (both GEO and LEO), with emphasis on the latest measuring technologies, namely MTG mission. Students are guided through a practical work with the selected satellite data, exploring its utility using different visualisation tools widely available (e.g. SIFT, McIDAS-V, Jupyter Notebooks). This is accompanied with the theoretical background in remote-sensing principles.

This year the School will be named after Paolo Rosci, officer of the Italian Air Force who dedicated his entire professional life to the satellite meteorology. Bright remote sensing scientist, he combined within himself the ability to conceive new methods and develop operational applications in this field, as well as the empathetic character to foster the sharing of ideas, tutoring with enthusiasm the new generations of satellite meteorologists.
Paolo passed away last April, after years of courageous fight against a disease.

Location: Bracciano, Italy (Europe)
Host: Italian Air Force – Met Service
Type: Workshop
Contact: training@eumetsat.int
Language: en