August 17, 2022


Courses Description
The course is aimed to enhance the participants’ understanding in international and China’s meteorological observing systems, Regional WIGOS metadata management, and Regional WIGOS performance monitoring and incident management. It will introduce most of the global observation systems in use, Regional WIGOS data quality improvement related tools, as well as the current data exchange policy.

Course Content
The training course includes:
▪A brief introduction to the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) and RWC functions;
▪A detailed introduction to the RWC tools, such as WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System (WDQMS), Incident Management System (IMS), OSCAR/Surface, and Regional WIGOS data quality improvement cases ;
A detailed introduction to the Integrated Meteorological Observing System in China, such as metrology in meteorology, observation techniques on greenhouse gas emissions, marine meteorology etc.

Course Organization
The training course will be delivered via recorded lectures, live lectures, and online discussions. Participants are also invited to give presentations on the Participants’ Forum. All the course materials will be uploaded on the website (

Participants should follow the website instructions to learn from the recorded lectures and join the live lectures. Participants will be encouraged to discuss the topics presented and actively participate in the live lectures. Participants who have completed all the training activities as required will be issued a digital certificate by CMATC/WMO RTC Beijing.

The course will be conducted in English.

Senior experts from WMO and Regional WIGOS Centre Beijing (RWC-Beijing), senior experts from China Meteorological Administration (CMA), CMA Meteorological Observation Centre, CMA Training Centre, etc.

Application and Participation
1)Participants are requested to submit the completed Application Form ( no later than 13 August 2022. The accepted applicants will receive the admission notices with Certificate-path Enroll Key endorsed by CMATC.
2)The participants are required to finish all the coursewares and quizzes. Each participant who has completed all the courses will be issued a digital certificate of the participation by CMATC/WMO RTC Beijing.
3)Please pay attention to the training website for updated information.
4)The distance training course is free of charge.

Location: Online Course
Host: China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (RTC-Beijing)
Type: Online Course
Language: en