October 16, 2023

International Distance Training Course on the Upgrading and Application of CMACast for International Users

CMACast, together with EUMETCast and GEONETCast Americas, constitutes the three major satellite-based dissemination networks of global Earth observations. In 2022, CMA made an overall upgrade to CMACast, expanding its broadcasting coverage from the Asia-Pacific region to most of the emerging economies and developing countries and regions along the Belt and Road in the Middle East and Africa. The Course serves as a quick response to this upgrade by offering training in the installation, deployment and application of upgraded integrated CMACast.

However, this Course is by no means limited to the realm of CMACast. It will also elaborate on international user services offered by World Meteorological Centre (WMC) Beijing, WIS 2.0 services offered by Global Information System Centre (GISC) Beijing, and CMA’s real-scene products. Such relevant training will expose the trainees to a diversified range of resources that they can capitalize on, allowing them to make greater contributions to forecasts and predictions as well as disaster prevention and reduction in respective countries and regions.

This Course consists of four modules:
(1) Training in integrated CMACast: an introduction to the upgraded CMACast; installation and use of CMACast hardware and software; application and maintenance of MICAPS; an introduction to Fengyun meteorological satellites and their applications; and sharing of Fengyun satellite data through SWAP.
(2) Training in international user services offered by WMC Beijing: WMC Beijing’s product portfolio available on its official website; early warning services offered by WMC Beijing; and an introduction to WMC Beijing’s global meteorological services.
(3) Training in WIS 2.0 services offered by GISC Beijing: the evolution and architecture of WIS 2.0; implementation plans and progress of GISCs respectively in the globe, RA II and Beijing; WIS 2.0 services offered by GISC Beijing; WIS2 in a box (wis2box); WMO core metadata standards; and technical routes and solutions for National Centers to implement WIS 2.0.
(4) Introduction to CMA’s real-scene products: real-scene atmospheric products for Belt and Road countries and their applications in high-temperature monitoring; real-scene land surface products for Belt and Road countries and their applications in drought monitoring; and real-scene precipitation, sea temperature and sea ice products for Belt and Road countries and their applications in heavy rain monitoring.

The Course will be delivered in three forms of activities: recorded lectures, live lectures, and online discussions. All course materials will be uploaded to the MOOC website (http://mooc.cmatc.cma.cn) before the training starts.

Application and Participation
1)Participants are requested to fill in the Application Form (https://forms.office.com/r/hEcSBhLrrq) no later than 15 October 2023.

Location: Online Course
Host: National Meteorological Information Centre (NMIC)
Type: Online Course
Contact: applycmatc@cma.gov.cn
Language: en