April 17, 2023

International Distance Training Course on the Application of Meteorological Satellite Products

The course is committed to offering high quality, advanced knowledge and skills of Fengyun satellites, and enhancing the trainees’ professional skills in the application of meteorological satellite products in extreme weather monitoring, weather analysis and climate data processing, etc. Trainees will be expected to improve their capabilities in data acquisition and assimilation, utility of satellite monitoring system and satellite remote-sensing application.

The training course includes:
▪Introduction to the latest development of Fengyun satellites and the current and future products of geostationary satellite products such as wind profiling radar (WPR), cloud spectral image, lightning image observation, and space weather monitoring;
▪Application of satellite materials in numerical weather prediction and severe weather such as typhoon and heavy rain;
▪Satellite Weather Application Platform (SWAP) and Satellite Monitoring Analysis Remote-sensing Toolkit (SMART);
▪Case study and discussion on the application of satellite products in disaster mitigation and prevention, weather analysis and forecast, etc.

Location: Online Course
Host: China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (RTC-Beijing)
Type: Online Course
Contact: applycmatc@cma.gov.cn
Language: en