June 13, 2022


The course aims to enhance the participants’ understanding of NWP service, including data assimilation, numerical forecasting technology, product application, and ensemble forecasting principle; to assist the participants to get familiar with international and China’s development in the field of NWP and AI in metrological application; and to promote the capacity building and sustainable development in developing countries.

All the course materials will be uploaded on the website (http://mooc.cmatc.cma.cn).
Participants should follow the website instructions to learn from the recorded lectures and join the live lectures. Participants will be encouraged to discuss the topics presented and actively participate in the live lectures. Participants who have completed all the training activities as required will be issued a digital certificate by CMATC/WMO RTC Beijing.

Participants are requested to submit the completed Application Form (https://forms.office.com/r/PD3rmks6z7) no later than 8 June 2022.

Location: Online Course
Host: China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (RTC-Beijing)
Type: Online Course
Contact: applycmatc@cma.gov.cn
Language: en