June 10, 2019

Integrated Meteorological Training Course (IMTC)

Date of commencement: 10.06.2019: 1.Over view & Observational System:- Meteorological Variables, Surface observation & Charting, Instrumentation, Aviation, Pilot Balloon Theory, Upper air observation (First 2 weeks) 2. Core Meteorological Subjects & Others:- Dynamic Meteorology, Physical Meteorology & Marine Meteorology, Environmental Monitoring, Synoptic Meteorology , Climatology, Statistics, Aviation Meteorology, Positional Astronomy, DBMs, General Administration (Next 6 weeks) 3. Remote Sensing Met., Applied Met& Others:- NWP, Satellite, Met Radar Met, Met Communication & Information, Agriculture Met, Seismology, Upper air Instrumentation, SurfaceInstrumentation, Visit to scientific / technical units (Next 5 weeks) 4. Examination (Next 3 weeks)

Location: Pune, India (Europe, Americas, Asia & Oceania, Africa)
Host: Ministry of Earth Sciences Government of India
Type: Classroom Course
Contact: dutta.drsomenath@gmail.com
Language: en