November 22, 2021

H SAF Snow Event Week

Reliable snow cover extent is of vital importance in understanding the current and future climate, hydrological, and ecological dynamics. Operational snow products, namely H10 (Snow extent (snow mask) by VIS/IR radiometry), H11 (Snow Status (dry/wet) by MW radiometry), H12 (Effective snow cover by VIS/IR radiometry AVHRR), H13 (Snow Water Equivalent by MW radiometry), H31 (Snow extent for flat land (snow mask) by VIS/NIR of SEVIRI) and H32 (Snow detection (global) by VIS/IR radiometry AVHRR) have been developed since 2008 within H SAF. Furthermore, the development of additional snow products is in progress. Considering the different characteristics of snow in mountainous and flat areas, various algorithms are used to produce snow products for these regions. Products are then merged to have a single, coherent snow product.

During this event, H SAF snow products retrieval, visualization, and analysis will be presented. The training will use a Jupyter Notebook, which allows easy and straightforward data analysis and the possibility of live interaction; this Notebook requires little programming knowledge. Users can interact easily with EUMETSAT HSAF snow products and learn how to download, visualize, and perform spatial and temporal analysis of snow cover for an area of interest without getting lost in data formats.

This event will also discuss the validation of the H SAF snow dataset and their contribution in hydrological modelling for water balance evaluation will be presented.

Host: EUMeTrain
Type: Other
Language: en