July 22, 2019

GOES-16, JPSS and GEONETCast Americas Satellite Workshop

This will be a hands-on workshop for users of GOES/JPSS satellite data and products, as well as current and potential users of the GEONETCast Americas (GNC-A) system. All participants should be prepared to submit a case study from their respective office/region that was particularly challenging to forecast. These case studies will be considered for presentation during the workshop, and will be used to create an agenda of specific forecast challenge sessions. Each session will be a mix of topic introduction and interaction where participants share their forecast challenge case study with the Satellite Subject Matter Experts from the GOES and JPSS Programs and other workshop participants. Satellite Subject Matter Experts will then present their analysis of these case studies, and provide suggestions on satellite data or products that could be of value for forecasters to use to improve their forecasts for these types of weather events in the future. Workshop participants will then discuss the use of these suggested capabilities and the operational value they would bring. Note: The deadline for case study submissions will be 06/14/19. The preliminary plan for the week’s activities can be found in the table below:

Location: Brigdetown, Barbados (Americas)
Type: Workshop
Contact: kacaesar@cimh.edu.bb
Language: en