Future climate change: New results from the EC-Earth climate model

The newest version of the global climate model EC-Earth has been used to perform new future climate scenarios as part of the 6th Phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project – CMIP6. CMIP6 is a project of the World Climate Research Programme and coordinates global climate model simulations worldwide in order to improve understanding of past, present and future climate change and variability in a multi-model framework. The results from the CMIP-simulations are the base for the IPCC assessment reports on climate change.

This presentation will provide an overview over CMIP6, discuss the different emission scenarios that are used for the future climate simulations and show results from the climate simulations with EC-Earth. The focus will be on changes in temperature, precipitation, sea ice and ocean circulation, and on the importance of the emission scenario and of natural climate variability for the future changes. The EC-Earth results will further be compared to outcomes from other models participating at CMIP6 to show how the climate change signal depends on the choice of the model.