October 30, 2023

FMI-EUMETSAT Aviation Forecast Testbed

Aviation Forecaster Testbed for the new generation satellite data offer aviation forecasters the opportunity to apply novel satellite data together with other products in the operational aviation forecast environment, and to evaluate these data and products.
At these events forecasters will learn by doing, by making aviation forecasts and nowcasts using a mix of new nowcasting and forecasting tools, followed by a verification. Particular focus will be given to the use of proxy-MTG satellite data (e.g., from the NASA MODIS, NOAA VIIRS and Sentinel-3/OLCI instruments) and, once operationally available, real data from MTG in order to prepare forecasters for the use of next-generation satellite data.

Location: Helsinki, Finland (Europe)
Host: FMI
Type: Workshop
Contact: training@eumetsat.int
Language: en