FICE-2024: A Training Event on In situ Ocean Colour Above-Water Radiometry towards Satellite Validation in Acqua Alta Oceanographic Tower and Venice

An advanced training course aiming to support those making measurements of in situ ocean colour towards satellite validation and biogeochemical applications. Building on the FRM4SOC project, the Copernicus FICE-24 course will bring experts in ocean colour measurements, satellite validation, and algorithm development together to provide training on the latest measurement and data processing protocols. Participants will have the opportunity to make measurements at the Acqua Alta Oceanographic Tower, learn how to process these measurements, characterise their uncertainties, and ultimately match them up with satellite ocean colour data. Data collected will contribute to the Copernicus Ocean Colour Database.

Travel funding is available for selected participants, with priority given to those working for institutions in Copernicus contributing countries.