July 6, 2022

EUMETSAT series of short courses: Wildfire Monitoring with Next-Generation Satellites

This webinar is part of the EUMETSAT series of online short courses on data discovery for weather, oceanography, air quality and climate.

In the near future, new satellites such as Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) and Metop – Second Generation (Metop-SG) will provide advanced capabilities and valuable data for monitoring fires and their impacts. This short course showcases a series of case studies and associated workflows in Jupyter notebooks for fire applications using proxy data from MTG and Metop-SG. Join us to explore the case studies focusing on the August Complex fires in 2020, California USA and the Mediterranean fires in summer 2021!

Each case study focuses on a specific past fire event to demonstrate how data from MTG and Metop-SG can be used for operational and monitoring purposes. Different stages of the fire life cycle are highlighted: from pre-fire risk, active burning and smoke transport to post-fire burnt area assessment. Each figure shown in the case study is linked to a Jupyter notebook that demonstrates in an instructional, step-by-step workflow how the figure was created and which proxy data was used.

Location: Online Course
Host: null
Type: Online Course
Contact: training@eumetsat.int