April 23, 2024

EUMDAC Series – Session 4: EUMDAC Advanced use of EUMDAC as a Python Library – Data Access Services

This series is designed to familiarize participants with EUMETSAT’s data access services, focusing on interacting with Data Store and Data Tailor APIs through the Python Library EUMDAC.

Session 4 aims to introduce participants to leveraging EUMDAC’s capabilities through scripting languages, focusing on Jupyter Notebooks. The content includes an overview of Jupyter Notebooks, their integration with EUMDAC, and a demonstration of using the DAS Jupyter Notebooks. Participants will engage in guided sessions, running pre-created Jupyter Notebooks, understanding exceptions thrown by the library, and learning the data tailor job management process as a practical example.

Participants who attend every session of this series will have the opportunity to receive a certificate of participation.

Type: Other
Contact: das-training@eumetsat.int
Language: en