April 9, 2024

EUMDAC Series – Session 2: EUMDAC Basics Through CLI – Data Access Services

This series is designed to familiarize participants with EUMETSAT’s data access services, focusing on EUMDAC.

The objective of session 2 is to introduce participants to the essential elements of EUMDAC through the Command Line Interface (CLI), aiming to establish a solid foundation in basic operations and commands. The content will include a step-by-step walkthrough of fundamental CLI commands in EUMDAC, covering tasks such as discovery, search, download, and basic customization. Additionally, participants will witness demonstrations of common tasks performed using the CLI, enhancing their practical understanding of EUMDAC operations.

Participants who attend every session of this course will have the opportunity to receive a certificate of participation.

Type: Other
Contact: das-training@eumetsat.int
Language: en