April 2, 2024

EUMDAC Series – Session 1: Introduction to EUMDAC – Data Access Services

This series is designed to familiarize participants with EUMETSAT’s data access services, focusing on interacting with Data Store and Data Tailor APIs through the Python Library EUMDAC.

In Session 1, participants will be introduced to EUMDAC (EUMETSAT Data Access Client) to familiarize them with key data access services. The objective is to provide a clear understanding of EUMDAC’s role in EUMETSAT data download. The session will cover an overview of EUMETSAT data access services, emphasizing their significance. Additionally, key concepts and terminologies such as GUI, API, and CLI will be explained to equip participants with the essential knowledge for a full understanding of the topics of the course.

Participants who attend every session of this series will have the opportunity to receive a certificate of participation.

Location: Online Course
Type: Online Course
Contact: das-training@eumetsat.int
Language: en