April 25, 2023

EGU General Assembly 2023 short course (SC5.8): Satellite data for Marine Applications: open source tools for working with data available from EUMETSAT and the Copernicus Programme.

The catalogue of marine data and services available from EUMETSAT continues to grow. Between mandatory missions and those operated under the Copernicus programme, and their respective downstream services, the opportunities for users to access data relevant for marine applications have never been greater. However, with increasing volume and diversity of data comes challenges.

This short course will provide an overview of the suite of services and training resources available from EUMETSAT to support users to work with data relevant to the marine community. There will be a strong focus on practical aspects of accessing and working with data, with a particular focus on open source tools. The course will support participants in the use of suite of Python based Jupyter notebooks, and API clients, in both local and cloud computing environments. Trainers will be available to support participants in designing their own workflows for using satellite data in their own marine applications.

The course will be hosted in Room 2.85/86 from 08:30 to 10:15 on Tuesday 25th April.

Location: Vienna, Austria (Europe)
Type: Conference
Contact: training@eumetsat.int
Language: en