July 4, 2023

Data Access Services – How to use the EUMETSAT Data Access Client (EUMDAC) Command Line Interface (CLI)

This series of 30-minute sessions is designed to support the transition from the EUMETSAT Data Centre in favour of the Data Store. This particular session focuses on using the EUMETSAT Data Access Client (EUMDAC) through Command Line Interface (CLI). Due to the reduction of products in the Data Centre, this session will be a great opportunity to remove any technical challenges in using the Data Access Client Services (EUMDAC) to interact with APIs, and engage users in discussion with EUMETSAT experts and colleagues. Please, read more information about the transition here: https://eumetsatspace.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/EUM/blog/2023/03/22/1965359114/Switching+the+data+access+from+the+Data+Centre+to+the+Data+Store+for+faster+delivery+times.

The session will cover 30 minutes approximately.

We encourage you to post your questions on sli.do ( https://app.sli.do/event/flsdivtc ) so that we can adapt the content of the next session to answer them!

The sessions are open to all and address a wide range of attendees, from service providers to scientists and forecasters. Registration via Zoom is required.

Type: Other
Contact: training@eumetsat.int
Language: en