April 2, 2024

Data Access Services – EUMDAC Long Course – Using Data Store and Data Tailor through EUMETSAT Data Access Client (EUMDAC)

The duration of the online course will be five weeks, during which you are invited to join five live sessions for listening to presentations from other experts and to share your experiences with other course participants.

This course is designed to familiarize participants with EUMETSAT’s data access services, focusing on EUMDAC. The duration of the online course will be four weeks, during which you are invited to join five live sessions. Following, a summary of the course:

– Session 1 provides an overview of EUMETSAT’s data access services, introducing key concepts.

– Sessions 2 focuses into EUMDAC basics features using the Command Line Interface (CLI) and offering scenario-based exercises. 

– Session 3 of the course dives deeper into the advanced features and capabilities of EUMDAC through the Command Line Interface, offering participants an in-depth exploration of advanced CLI commands and options, including a focus on understanding all capabilities, complex customizations, and tasks such as cleaning jobs.

– Session 4 explores advanced use of EUMDAC as a Python Library, specifically integrating with Jupyter Notebooks, and includes guided sessions on running pre-created notebooks and managing data tailor jobs.

-Session 5: Practical approaches. Using EUMDAC from a marine perspective.

Participants who attend every session of this course will have the opportunity to receive a certificate of participation.

Location: Online Course
Type: Online Course
Contact: das-training@eumetsat.int
Language: en