Data Access Services – Customise products to your needs with EUMETSAT Data Tailor

A series of sessions is scheduled to provide trainings on the Data Tailor.
The Data Tailor is a customisation tool that allows the user to modify their data accordingly to their needs and, prior to the download. This is a relatively complex tool which needs some background knowledge if used at its full potential. EUMETSAT has worked to provide a simple access and use of the service, making possible to every user to understand and exploit the tool. This training will provide the users with the knowledge and resources needed to customize EUMETSAT data through the Data Tailor Service.

This course is organised in a series of sessions which will gradually increase of complexity. We will start with an introduction to the service, followed by two basic sessions on Data Tailor Web service and standalone version, and two sessions for more advanced users. The course will conclude with a Q&A session during which the users will have the chance to gain direct help from the trainers.

The schedule of the course is shown below:

1st session: Introduction to Data Tailor. Theory of the Data Tailor, basic concepts and workflow comparison with the Data Centre.

2nd session: Working with Data Tailor Web Service, basics: How to use Data Tailor User Interface, Application Programming Interface, and EUMETSAT Data Client service.

3rd session: Working with Data Tailor Standalone, basics: Installation and basic usage.

4th session: Advanced session on Data Tailor Web Service: Using APIs and EUMDAC. Efficient usage, and understanding errors.

5th session: Advanced session on Data Tailor Standalone: Using the Data Tailor Standalone version. (Installation and use). Using the CLI, API, REST API.

6th session: Questions and answers: The session includes the explanation of frequently asked questions and gives the possibility to the users to ask spontaneously to the trainers.

EUMETSAT gives you the possibility to choose your participation in the sessions however, we strongly advise you to join all the scheduled trainings in order to reach a full understanding of the Data Tailor.

Resources for the course are available at: