October 1, 2011

Course: Synoptic and Mesoscale Analysis of Satellite Images

This course will teach you how to operationally parse a satellite image in synoptic and mesoscale conceptual models. Analysing a satellite image in terms of conceptual models is the best way to learn to retrieve a 3D- or even 4D (with time being the fourth dimension) mental weather picture.
The course will end with a classroom phase in Langen, Germany from 5 to 9 December 2011 where several case studies will need to be analysed and discussed by the students.

The course is designed for operational forecasters and meets the competencies written down by WMO. During several stages of the course the student will be tested through online questionnaires. When the student can sufficiently demonstrate that he or she masters the material a cerificate will be issued. The course fee will amount ?1000 per student.

Registration of this course will open at 15 July 2011.

Location: (Europe)
Host: EUMeTrain
Type: Blended Course
Contact: info@eumetrain.org
Language: en